A year gone by, my age plus one
And it keeps on rising like the morning sun
Did I use this year well? Only time will tell
What memories from this year will prevail?

It all started with the hangover from 2016
Where we lost some of our idols and stars, our kings and queens
But now hollywood is exposed for being untrue
Making me, you, and millions say #meToo

The Oscars were boring, no surprise there
But some last minute antics made everyone glare
Moonlight? LaLa Land? Was the winner the former or latter?
I don't even remember now, that's how much the oscars don't matter

Shout out to Equifax and those idiots who run it
With your staggering incompetence I don't have to guess 'whodunnit?'
You had one job, which was to keep our information secure
No punishment for the rich, still a burden on the poor

"DACA" and "Dreamers" become buzzwords at home
As thousands of Houstonians took shelter in the dome
To keep safe from the winds of Irma and Harvey
If we still can't help Puerto Rico, what kind of people are we?

Through North Korean threats and constant instigation
And divided opinions on Mueller's investigation
It's hard to tune out the barrage of news that politics brings
But we all feel bad for Sutherland Springs

And Las Vegas and Manchester as well
There's too many to count, and this point I can't tell
We're de-sensitized but at the same time we all remain bitter
What's our president's stance? Maybe he'll share it on Twitter

But on a positive note, we had some happier news to remember
Beyonce had twins and Bitcoin spiked in November
The Eclipse blocked out the sun and let us stare at the sky
And not talk about politics for a minute or five

Jupiter's red spot was captured by NASA in July
And the Women's March in DC sought to defy
We saw a world of change and a new season of Stranger Things
We can only go up from here, let's see what 2018 brings